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Oct 22, 2018

Email I Received Yesterday


Hi I just wanted to share this email I received:

Hi Carlo,


Hope you doing well.


We had a really long summer holiday in India. We got back mid-September and it took us sometime to get back into the routine. After we got back in 10 days time my mother-in-law passed away so my husband went back to India for the rituals and also to make arrangements for his dad.


In the meantime you got all booked up on Saturday and we not finding a spot on Saturday to continue Calvin's guitar lessons. Also, my daughter wants to start vocal lessons with you. Saturday is the only time that works well for them. The store is offering vocal lessons with another teacher but we really wanted them both to learn from you. They have put us on waiting list though. Do you think some spots will free up and we could get your time on Saturday for both, Calvin and Megan?


I could bring Calvin for guitar lessons anytime between 10a.m to 11a.m or 1p.m to 1.30 p/m My daughter could come for voice lessons from 11 :30 to 1.30. Please let me know if some spot likely to become available within these times. My daughter so badly wants to start her voice lessons.


Look forward to resuming their music journey with you.


Have a wonderful week! Stay warm!





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