Carlo Bianchini a.k.a. Guitarlo is a Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist who has been performing and making music since he was a child.


Carlo grew up the oldest of 3 children to Italian Immigrants in Toronto, Canada.


Music wasn't really considered a serious career choice at the time as everyone struggled to support their families, but Carlo's love of music came early as he would spend countless hours listening , singing along to records that a kind neighbor gave him as a child. He finally saved up to buy his first guitar by age 9. His parents laughingly recall he loved it so much he would even sleep with it.


He formed his first band by age 13 called "Stardust" and they were playing nightclubs in Toronto even before most of the members were old enough to be there. They were playing often 6 to 7 nights a week for countless hours without breaks which gave them a lot of real world experience.

Carlo's career started to really take off when he released his first solo single "Miracles" before graduating from highschool which was played on radio across Canada , The U.S. ,The United Kingdom and Europe. Carlo now considered a veteran performer continues to  perform regularly and teach private lessons for guitar, voice and piano for Longe & Mcquade .


His music has been described as a mix of acoustic light rock, blues and with a modern fresh pop touch with catchy guitar hooks both acoustic and electric and memorable vocal performances.